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Bernhoft | Avenue of Loveless Hearts | White Limited Edition

Bernhoft | Avenue of Loveless Hearts | White Limited Edition

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This is a limited White Edition of the vinyl

Track list:

No Place Like Home
Carry You
I Feel A Change Coming
Feel It The Same
Sleep Safe Tonight
Scuse Me While I Disregard What You’re Saying To Me
I Got A Feeling
Let It Go
Love Not War
Ode To Collins

 Bernhoft describes his new album “Avenue of Loveless Hearts” as a serendipitous collection of tracks recorded in a city where the streets can be cold, cynical, and devoid of love.

October 2022 saw Bernhoft travel to Los Angeles with an address and a phone number to someone he’d never met before, and the hope of writing a song together. Fast forward a year and the collaboration with Neil Ormandy and Abe Dertner has resulted in a full album, with tracks Bernhoft describe as his most unfiltered and emotional to date. Not that he’s ever been afraid of showing or sharing emotions, but he’s always had an analytical approach.

This new album finds Bernhoft serving up music straight from the heart. Observations by a romantic guy letting his emotions rule his creativity. This is an album made about and with feeling. Three tracks even have the word «feel» in the title.

Apart from a few guest musicians Jarle, Neil and Abe have written, performed, and produced all of «Avenue of Loveless Hearts». A title inspired by a line in opening track “No Place Like Home” which celebrates having somewhere to belong. Beautiful “Sleep Safe Tonight” and “Ode To Collins” both stir the heart. But even if there’s plenty of romance to be found in songs like “Let It Go”“Love Not War”“Carry You” and “Feel It The Same” there’s still more than enough of what Bernhoft refers to as high octane hip-swayers. Just check out the delightfully titled “Scuse Me While I Disregard What You’re Saying To Me” or “I Feel A Change Coming” and “I Got A Feeling”

Musically it’s obviously sublime; technically impeccable, yet playful. Bernhoft the guitar hero is still there, but with even more depth and expressiveness as a songwriter and vocalist. The journey from the cerebral to the emotional has given this award-winning artist, superb showman, multi-instrumentalist musician and superlative songwriter an even more expansive set of skills. 

“Avenue of Loveless Hearts” is easy going and relaxed, emotions flow freely and the guard is down, but it’s still uncompromising craft and quality. Jarle Bernhofts new, softer side hits hard! 

“Avenue of Loveless Hearts” by Bernhoft will be available digitally and on vinyl on Friday 6th October. He will also be touring extensively as of 20th October. See for the full list of dates and updates.

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