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Bernhoft | Dancing On My Knees - Vinyl

Bernhoft | Dancing On My Knees - Vinyl

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Bernhoft | Dancing On My Knees - Vinyl 

Bernhoft says about the album 'Dancing On My Knees' that it is his most personal work to date. The title refers to his feeling of constantly heading down (or up, but always in motion) with a disco ball held high. 
Lyrically it all revolves around his all-encompassing doubt, about absolutely everything, including his own self worth.

In both writing, recording and production, the approach has been more of a full-throttle-with-a-blindfold kind than before.
He's worked with song writers and producers like Skinny Days, Kristian 'Flatmate' Vik, Alex Pavelich and Carl-Viktor Guttormsen - as well as his trusty studio partner over many years - Bjarne Stensli.
They've all pushed him out of his comfort zone, and the result is described as 'an exercise in being on full display, not only naked, but flayed.' 

Recording-wise, some of the production methods from Solidarity Breaks are back; with a few spectacular exceptions, he plays all the instruments himself.
'Put Your Mojo On, is a peptalk.
The man singing 'Clearly Confused' cannot really fathom why he'd deserve any love at all, while both 'All My LOving' and 'Say It Isn't So' reeks with fear of abandonment.
On 'Pretty Baby Love', his heart is all dried up to a twig. While the song 'Call Out Kids', inspired by his unwavering love for his sons, moors him to a safe spot. 
On his knees, of course.


1. Put Your Mojo On
2. All My Loving
3. Clearly Confused
4. Opinionate
5. Pretty Baby Love
6. Call Out Kids
7. Lazy Monday Morning
8. My Wave
9. Say It Isn’t So
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